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What will Gatekeeper do for me

What will Gatekeeper do for me


  • Gate keeper is a gate access control system which is operated by a pre-loaded list of cell phone numbers .
    Just one missed call, during allocated hours and the gate is opened !!
    No more risky gate remotes
  • No more handing out gate remotes
  • Open gate without having to be close by.
  • Stop irritating buzzer calls at your gate intercom
  • Restrict access times and days
  • Provide permanent access to your Armed Response company.
  • Easy way to managed and update users on your system.
  • Email notification of comings and goings
  • No more remotes to loose and hunt for or batteries to replace
  • No more need for intercoms
  • No need to Top-Up or renew cell phone contracts


What it is NOT

  1. It is not a system for compexes who need to have a visitor call an individual unit and only be allowed entry by that unit owner
  2. It has not camera system attached to it.


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