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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Gate-Keeper?


It is essentially a cell phone inner, redesigned to fit inside a small box that you can connect to a gate motor or any other appliance that requires remote control.

The device has two relay switches on it that when activated; change from a normally open state, momentarily to a closed state.

It also has an input on it that can be used to sense things like, Gate open / Tamper etc.


What’s so special about it ?

Well, other similar devices on the market cannot be scheduled for use on certain days or certain times.

With Gate-Keeper, you enter the schedule for up to 1000 people by editing the days of the week and times that they may enter the property simply by accessing your Gate-Keepers profile on the internet. You can also specify if the gate opens completely, or just to the Pedestrian width setting of the gate.

By installing a Gate-Keeper on you gate or garage door, you can control who may enter your property and when they may do this.


How does it work?

Dialing your gate from any phone with a missed call, triggers the open mechanism of the gate provided the unit recognizes the identity of the incoming call. When you purchase a Gate-Keeper, the unit’s cell number, when entered for the first time, allows you to register the unit, create a user name and password and then schedule cell phone numbers who may access your Gate-Keeper.


Why do we charge an annual fee?

Because we supply a contract sim card and pay Vodacom on your behalf. We also maintain the web server that allows the Gate-Keeper to update it’s schedule and send you emails etc.

When do I pay the annual fee?

When you come to registering your Gate Keeper after you receive it, you will be able to provide the required information in orer to pay the annual fee. This is done on the website.


How does it differ from other similar products on the market?

There are other products on the market which generally do the same thing. Ours includes a pre-rica’ed sim card which means it will work off the shelf. The sim card is registered to us and we pay the data on your behalf which means you don’t have to worry about topping up the sim card.

Gate-Keeper provides Logs (optional) that you can then see who entered the premises.

Gate-Keeper is less expensive than the other units and by far easier to program.

Gate-Keeper allows really easy management of users via it’s web site, which really removes huge hassles which some other product create.

Gate-Keeper is small enough to fit ibside most Gate motor housings, which make the installation more straight forward and the unit a whole lot more secure


Where do I get it?

Just click the “Buy Now” button and follow the instructions, and we’ll get one right to you


How do I fit it?

A Handi-Man or the company that services your automatic gate can fit it in a matter of minutes. Detailed instructions are listed under the “Help”, and are contained with the unit..


How many phone numbers can it store?



What is the warranty period?

12 Months


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